DHA has introduced new office hours to improve services to the public (2023)


From the 01 of March 2015 the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) has implemented new opening and closing hours to improve services to clients. This is one of the continuous changes the department is under-going. Home Affairs Deputy Director General Vusi Mkhize....owl.li/KhwKm

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Now, from the first of March, the Department of Home Affairs DHA has implemented new opening and closing hours to improve services to clients.

This is one of the continuous changes the department is currently undergoing.

Home Affairs, deputy director general, is with us here in studio, Lucien quisette good to have you.

Thank you very much for being with us ddg when what the working hours just tell us, the change of the working on is what are they know just for the public.

They are not aware of them, no, don't say alien and they're.

Good morning three of yours they're running hours, we were starting at half past seven for the public mm-hmm.

Now it's going to be at eight, but our staff will then be studying at half past seven, okay, for them to be able to make necessary arrangements in the morning prior to arrival of the clients and then we'll be closing and at half-past four for their staff, but have fun at four o'clock for the for the citizens.

The public yeah.

So operating hours are now from eight and so 430 yeah, and previously they were on it until 40.

It could've, probably a pardon yes, what were they previously previously? They were until half past four.

It was up at seven until half past four okay, and then the staff would close at five okay, and why are you cutting the hours now in on the sorrel catching ours? But the challenge has been the citizens continuously raising issues around the availability of staff, in particular between the very peak hours yeah.

So what we had to do was to just analyze the challenges that they were facing.

There was the previous hours we were faced with a of days because the staff were still having the shift system, but it was creating challenges of staff shortages at crucial moments, and that means a terrible time between eight and four.

You will have staff that each other is off because they were working on Saturdays or you will have a staff that would arrive and the ships were multiple shifts.

So that created a problem of this citizens not being able to have all counters meant now we're going to increasing the capacity during the very peak moment when the citizens are they in Saturday's are the west, where their worst affected rows way.

I would have about thirty.

Thirty three percent of staff, now we'll even over fifty percent or more and Saturdays, have become one of our busiest days.

I've heard of people queuing from six o'clock in the morning and still being turned away because there just are enough.

People aren't enough people to handle the amount of people that are desperate to get passports, smarter, IDs asylum seekers.

It's just it seems that the demand is not being met so yeah, it I know.

You've got a lot of challenges.

You really really do and I believe that you're, even bringing banking institutions into the search on a sister.

What what is the? What is the aim? There is this for assistance.

Yes, it is for assistance.

We, if you look at the 38 million citizens, currently occurring the ID book.

We need to replace that now to replace that in the past we are working where it is now it was.

These people would come in and they will live because we were dealing mainly with the reissue of people who mainly lost their ideas or with the first each of the 16 year olds, whom we were also able to service at schools using our mobile units.

Now we are calling back citizens to replace their green I think box, so the influx is quite high.

The demand and the interest which we appreciate, but it's clear that we do need to have strategies that will give us opportunity to serve clients at various sites.

So through the banks, we were able to agree to acquire office space, which I think the minister will then be able to announce on it on how it's going to work.

But we were very appreciative that the Triple P with the Pens is going to help alleviate some of the problems rather than going to offices.

Let people also operate at additional sites this this.

There was even a talk yesterday on or not on our on one of our radio stations on SAFM people, citing some of the strangest cases where a 50 year old, South African still doesn't have an ID.

What are the reasons for some odd cases like this? It will be quite very rare.

Ever since 2009 10, we have run a campaign, a very heavy campaign to eradicate late restoration of path.


Incredibly, people would still stay without coming forth and to apply for high tea, but at the end of the day, we have virtual screening committees, because we realize that the risk was very high there.

They shouldn't be a person now without an ID unless it's someone who will have to explain how did it happen that you couldn't have accessed on my face? You were not aware, since 2010 that we're running a little session of birth campaign minutes I have announced that those registrations of late and because you're supposed to register within 30 days of birth.

Now, if you have 50 and you've been in this country since 1994, and that is why we then need to investigate.

But sometimes there is criminality involved in acquiring citizenship, yeah yeah, um.

We've we've actually got a clip that we want to play on much it.

Do we select quickly just very quickly if we can play the split for you have a look at one of these television screens and then you can perhaps answers for us.

These guys they've got a stem that was supposed to control the cue system, but now they use it in a wrong way, because there are people who are not working for my first year.

They collect money from this for refugees, many of them.

Yet, if ninety percent of these people they paid those two hundred and it's them it's under time- you see this is a big issue.

This is a very big issue.

Higher dealing with this Ford yeah I look: firstly, mascara find it.

We had a challenge as a department where there were people who call to the runners hold to what we call true for you and all those things those people we had ever even taken to court.

Also, we try to stop it from the local offices.

Now added a refugee centers.

You still have this problem.

We have tried now in Madaba, stat to say people must come inside a poster can only take so many.

We don't want to promise what we can't deliver.

So what happens with this? We have a party we have partnerships with sams, which is the police.

We've got pride security that is supposed two men, these paper where, but quite clearly the problem of corruption, a penny, a straw and we are doing everything within introducing the camera to monetize their pending, but at the end of the day and people must understand also knows it takes two to tango.

Now you'll find that the corrupted in the karate we are trying to encourage them to say we will take you up the sofa, but these tendons of trying to jump the queue is our bigger problem, but we have strengthened security around, particularly in Morales.

That way.

We've been facing this challenge of an alleged corruption in that environment.

Alright I I so desperately want to keep you on, but we have to wrap the interview, but the news to get to at seven o'clock lucy I'm kiza, who is the deputy director-general in the Department of Home Affairs.

This isn't the last time we'll speak or so.

I can bring you in for another extensive interview with regard to Home Affairs lotta issues need to be discussed.

There will quick break a little bit late with the music seven, but we'll bring it to you shortly.


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People-centred and caring. Patriotic. Professional and having integrity. Corruption free and ethical.

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The DHA Charter - DOD Directive 5136.13 delegates the DHA Director authority to establish and maintain, for functions assigned, a publication system for regulations, instructions, and reference documents.

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DoD compliance with the privacy regulations adopted under HIPAA, Public Law 104-191, at: o Part 160 and Part 164, Subpart E of Title 45, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) (also known and referred to in this issuance as the “HIPAA Privacy Rule”).

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In a circumstance in which there is insufficient time to memorialize the agreement in writing, verbal authorization for the agreement is permitted and should be followed by a written agreement within sixty calendar days.

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71 to update responsibilities and establish the processes and procedures for individuals and supervisors responsible for assessing and responding to a confirmed or suspected breach that occurs within the DHA.

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What is the DHA market structure? ›

The Defense Health Agency has established a market-based structure to manage the hospitals and clinics. Each market will: Provide shared administrative services to the hospitals and clinics in their region. Be responsible for generating medical readiness of active duty members and families in their regions.

What does DHA mean department? ›

About the Department of Human Assistance.

Why was the DHA created? ›

DHA was created in 2013 as a joint combat support agency that enables the military to provide a medically ready force and a ready medical force, both on and off the battlefield.

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