He BEGGED us to help him reach SSL... can we make it happen? (2023)


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Last time, I played with coconut I brought him into high level SSL to see how well we played together and ever since then, this man's been begging for us ssls to help him get SSL back in 3v3, So, rapid and I have decided to do whatever it takes to carry this man to SSL like hitting stuff like this.

We will not stop playing until we see that juicy rank up.

Well, that reminds me I think, there's a series that I'm supposed to start soon.

What was it called again path to bronze journey to uninstalling rocket League? Oh that's right road to SSL and 3v3.

Don't worry it's starting up soon and I'll be forming the groundwork for how to get one step closer to Pro, but out of the video hope you guys enjoy.

Rapid wanna run back an intro for our YouTube channel.

I would love to do an intro, okay, well, just rip it whenever you're ready and I'll cut it up? Okay, maybe right now, because we're getting into the game yeah! Today we are here with Jamaican coconut ready to go into the threes, ranked jumble, jumble jungle, yep, the Jungle, the victim SSL yup, Wow Let's Go boys come on incredible, incredible start.

So that's why I don't do intros.

You know.


That was good.

That was great I'm, not that guy I'm, not that guy you could be.

You could be there.

I got demoed by the globbler, that's a good name.

That is a crazy name.

That's what I could have been if I wasn't eight years old, when I made my name I got it: oh yeah yeah, oh yeah, I.

Believe in you, oh okay, you scoring the globbler wow insane.

Oh I got it I got I got it, you got it.

Yeah I got it.

Oh, so I got it all you you me! Oh my God, oh you buddy! Oh, you have an SSL shot, but you remember their SSL Defenders yup.

You got that yeah yeah, deeper thirds, deeper thirds.

The globbler is here to save the day.

Oh, my God, deeper thirds I thought you were the third man, no okay, I decided to be second I decided to turn on the ball.

Oh, let's see this pass right right.

Right right, you can't get it can't get it gotta pass two: the dunk, oh yeah, I'm gonna get this corner.

Oh wow, yeah, good, deep thirds, deeper thirds beautiful play he's up! Oh yeah yeah, you gotta, wrap it.

Oh yeah, I'm, mid yep, oh you he's gonna cut, go, go faking, I, got it right, yeah, I! Never I didn't even want to solo play that yeah.

It's all good! It's not like I'm an indominus or anything I, don't pass the ball.

Is it? What does that mean? Oh Dominus players just sounds selfish yeah.

Actually, every player is selfish.

To be honest, I mean that yeah have you watched the thunderstorm video I mean you did watch this on the scon video wait.

Yeah! Look at that! Oh yeah! The globbler got it though watch out, oh, no, not globbler, he's up you're getting doubled on and never in a million years.

Never I've seen this.

What do you think bro? These ranks these players are demons.

Rapido I'm it.

If you need me, that's it! That's it toss it toss.

It selfless play selfless play.

Nice, Shot I got it I got it, keep it in Freight, nice, uh globblers.

There be boys, B boys, oh yeah, oh I'm, taking this boost in this man, oh yeah I'm, going oh get.

It he's missing, yeah, no dude! He just gobbled up that save I got this.

Oh yeah, fake, fake, fake, fake he's.

Already there right be boys.

B boys, B boys he's faking.

What what is this boost at turn? Turn? Okay! It's fine! This guy, just left net open, I'm, bumped, I'm gonna, be honest: okay, I, like that I'm faking, that no no! No thank you I'm waiting for myself.

Oh my God I'm Dustin wobbler's, here I'm 15, I'm, 50 him b-boys.

Oh, that's! Awkward! All right, um, I'm, saying on double double sauce bubble.

Gum off Corners shut I got it! You go! Look at you go! Oh my God most sweaty match ever where's the confidence yeah yeah nice, nice big, shot from the goblin here to you to you.

Mid I got 12 boosts yeah, oh no, double jump.

Thank you! Incredible recovery airless come on what do you got mid? Shot Rapido, let's go wow.

So once the emotions are running, High I'm back left I got you I got you it's back left holy.

You got.

You got it yeah, it's all good.

Just let me walk the dog for a second yep dogs being walked, oh yeah, oh yeah I won't be able to reset I'll.

Do it do it? What wait? Why did that sound? Never mind? Oh no he's got it yeah that might be over I'm chilling in the back corner, all right, all right, good, first game, the first games we just win those whatever.

Whatever did you I love it I love it from you.


I will see you all in game.

Number two see it look at look at that transition.

It was so sick, yo, wait! You got wait, rapid's cheating! How do you get plus 16.

because placement, what the heck he's got? Double the points: Okay, okay, something special whoa, whoa, whoa, intimidation, Factor, dream mine into me: uh I can take it yeah good I'm, just grabbing pads and middle here nope.

He got it.

Oh free ball, free ball, free ball, free ball, hey many times many times many times they don't know who's going.

Oh, okay, I'm screwed, no you're good! No, you got it! The 2K player watch out I got it nice.

It's got nothing on me.

He literally has nothing.

Yep! Oh yeah, stay on that I love this dude, one more fake, fake, page, everybody! Let's go beautiful, right, right, right, sharp right right! That is at the net uh.

Well, what I mean dude the angle is not there I'm gonna, be honest! Hey! Oh he's nice talk to me! Spanish there you ow I'll, go I'll, go over him he's so awk few I'll stay with us.

He's got it! Oh 2K he's 2K 2ks 2K player yeah.

Can you bang that yep right psycho get it I'm up I'm up? Why not yeah? Why not just hit it just hit it just hit? It just hit it again: yeah yeah yeah! Let's go: let's go pressure, look at the pressure! Please! Oh it's so beautiful, I love, it I love! You got it! I love! You more! Sorry, whoa whoa, whoa, whoa whoa! Somebody turned up the heating in this room.

Oh yeah double reset, please! No! It's just for Less! That's crazy! My play was so insane and then he just like smacks it crossbar.

Look at that! Look at that placement and they say I'm, not a threes player.

It's just a Placer I would say, oh to me, no, no! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Watch this! Why he did it to me.

I was waiting for it yeah, but you weren't, trying to you were being selfish.

God no I tried to look at that.

Oh my God, that's the greatest team greatest teammate I've ever had look at that.

You trust me we're looking like 2K players out here.

Yeah, oh I love, it I, don't know! Maybe that's too premature, yeah! No! That's too far.

We just don't have time to throw this I'm.

Just saying, I'm faking this job help got one touch the 2K players up.

No! No! Thank you.

I love it I'm doing circles in midairs.

Come here, my bad, my bad 2K player watch out.

Go: go: go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Go! Okay, pre-flip! You like that toss! It yeah middle for Rapid I'm there! The left! No back to you, though.

Oh my God.

Why are we so good? Let's team, let's Team all right, I love it yeah! Okay for the next Regional, that's gonna, be in a year from now I think rabbit's got a team, though he's got a team he's looking for somebody.

Oh really yeah yeah! This is our tryout.

Okay! Try out wait this.

This might be my SSL game coming up, yeah plus 11, on that one uh you're 10 of points away.

That's 21.! Well, if we get another plus 11.'s, actually, cheating wait plus 20! Oh my God! Okay! This is a.

This is a college guys we can't lose their college.

Oh you're right, wait! They're like a new like crl team, I, think they're, actually pretty good in the East yeah.

These are the solid players.

They're really solid players.

We might have to uh just double tap them.

Real quick, wow, yeah I took their boost they're, so awkward, yeah I can't believe you didn't pre-jump that Off the Wall they're backwards.

Keep the pressure I'm leaving the corner.

I need this boost, oh you're, so beautiful you almost bumped him! No I didn't know what I know that part I was looking at my chat for a second I'm.

Not gonna lie over him.

Uh wait for this guy to do what he's doing this is special I.

Got it mid? It's down! Stop oh I'll turn you buddy come here.

Got it up, see our boost one more down pinch! Nice come back! Um, coconut yeah, yeah mid, oh yeah! It does these shut fake, fake, fake, big, big! Look at him! He's probably me: I blocked him, I blocked him.

Yeah he's faking I saved that was Zero by the way.

I was just floating shoot over over um one more one.

More one, more I got zero, but I'll just boom it up.

Don't worry, oh, don't! Wait.

No I saw the vision.

Okay, all right, respect that I'm taking the back pitch, though, so you better still have it.

No yeah yeah hard comp.

We have to yeah um yeah, one more over and over rapid jump.

Two up two up: yeah I can oh it's around him.

Nice, oh I'm, playing I! Don't play no! No! Oh, my God! No way the double oh come on.

You got it.

No! It's awkward, they're awkward, they're, Aqua, taco, I'm dead I have no boost I'm waiting for it.

You just got the corner I like that something I'm zero yeah he's there I need to take the back left.

Yeah! Okay, I got it.

You random, nice! Nice yeah got him back.

Oh, oh, my bad! My bad watch out watch out yeah he's up.

We got that corner nice hold it down for a sec.

Nice I got it in there.

Okay I got a weight shot in.

Oh my God, the round, all of them yeah, no he's got it.

I'm pretty jumping.

Oh I got bumped I couldn't uh, it might be here.

Oh my god dude! No, you can't you can't it's fine! He's there yeah! Oh my God, guys I'm slow back I'm behind you! Oh I just went to him.

Oh, my goodness, you three ball free ball! Free ball time time here: 50.

they're, gonna, Panic, they're, gonna panic! Oh my God he's gonna touch again yeah mid pop Oh.

That's oh literally they're gonna leave they're gonna leave it.

Oh no.

We lost to the college game number three I'm, just gonna record.

All of this and then I don't know.

If we win the next two I'll just post, all five yeah we should we should win this kind of thing like I, said I kind of tossed last game.

Oh we're chilling we're chilling, don't even worry about it! He's gonna try and go mid yeah I'm watching the touch he doesn't have another I'm hitting it over him.

Like I stay in front here.

Okay, he just went super Speedy, yeah nice big mess, one on wall, all good.

He beat me I got the Boost, though oh yeah, nice clear.

Let's go Gotta Wait, okay, I'll play it.

I'll play it.


Just diving got him like that.

Mid yep, leaving one two up: two up two yeah we're good we're gonna win nice eyes.

Are anybody touch yeah I got it? Okay? What the heck is going on, I didn't know.

If you wanted it or not.

You know yeah of course, of course, time: bang ack, it's all good! It's all good! Yeah, okay control! Oh yeah! That's awesome! Oh backwards! I summoned that I'm playing back first off corner.

He doesn't have it there's one there's one: okay, all right! Oh I thought he was gonna, get caught up.

That's all good! It's all good Zero! By the way it's off it's off! I need help to me.

Yeah time time.

Yeah he got around.

You got it! It's free! That's crazy! Zero! Here I got the boost for me close time, yeah, oh um, about that one more stay with it: almost yeah, okay, okay, he's awkward he's awkward, okay, okay, nice, nice, I'll leave the Boost he's gonna beat me yeah right and then right.

Sorry, let's go fast.

He got it! Bang, bang I! Don't miss that one I, don't miss that one he's never missed that one in his life.

Okay, yeah I like that boom.

It's almost too calm, I, don't like it I like the Controlled Chaos.

Here me too, stay with that.

Yeah stay with these on break.

He got around, although very nice polar's last.

That's it! Yes, sir.

Yes, sir, we like that dude I got a headache from all the the craziness in the first two games.

This Grand champ one player, carried me we're about to hit solo.

After after, like we should be good, I'm, gonna fake.

Yes, for sure, that's all good! It's all good uh he's backflips I'm going for a trip here.

Okay, it's gonna be open.

Yeah, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice, nice! You just want to go to college again.

I would love to go to college.

No! Thank you! Oh thank you! Oh they immediately all right wait! So what are you at? What are you at uh I can't see stuff.

Thank you for a second you're at oh 1857, plus 11's you're at 68.

We've seen seven points.

Oh yeah 100, then this this is it.

This is it we get it real, quick, look at the beat it's the best of three I.

Don't know interesting! Oh I took my mid boost yep um, swap it I'm in trouble.

Oh I'm, pumped out of net.

Oh we're good, though what the heck I'm blocking them: yep nice, yeah, yeah I'm on the backboard with 12.

You touch! Oh we're good, nice good, double good, double I'm behind you with 12.! That's all I got over puller um yeah I'm.

Looking at it, he can't he's gonna control, mid very nice um I'm on the right on the right, no I think polar might have been cooler and then he moved over.

I need corner I need.

He has 92 ping, though I think he's still EU, maybe he's transferring to a North American College, but he is EU right now.

Let's go casually just I respect the hustle I respect the hustle yeah.

Well, there's one player who did that uh to go to Saint Claire University, which is Canadian school? It's cool or Sinclair, College I! Guess you you yeah got it I'm on the right, yeah right up there.

Okay, that's really bad! That's really bad! Careful, careful, careful mid in our net yeah yeah mid in our net mid in our net.

In our net controlled I got this.

Oh he's, rushing nobody I slept over.

That's all I got I got zero.

I shouldn't have done that I should stop stealing my booze bro he's got nothing I'll.

Just let him ring ringed dude I should just like abandon the ball yeah.

You I mean you can like well we'll cover you yeah we got this I would understand it to be honest: okay, buddy! You can go for that.

Video yeah yeah, nice demo! That's what he gets there you go and there they want it.

Don't worry! I'm! Just oh Bank October, it's off post off other posts.

It was in the spin cycle, oh I, left and then right and then left I don't know.

Yeah I got I can take it.

Okay got it next, nice! You got it next.

No, no I'm playing your bank I got the booster man.

Let's go I'm playing behind playing behind all right bump him.

I got it careful, though it's all good yeah, I'm bombed, zero boost, he's already zombies, yeah um I just hit the back corner from you.

That's really good.

I thought you were mid.

No rapidly, no no I know that was a mid.

That was to their side.

No, it was, it was mid.

I, don't know, I expected the preacher.

I don't know.

Maybe I expect more from you.

That's my bad! That's my bad! That's my bad! That's all right! You know what just uh, don't let it happen again.

Okay, probably yeah! You got that yeah! You take control I'm on the left side, go, go, that's beautiful! What a save making them so just goes very nice.

Okay! Frost is last I'm up explicit to play I'm mid.

If you need he's gonna fifty just if you need, though, what a beautiful touch.

Thank you, man Exquisite come here.

Man, oh 50., I'm, going letting him touch.

Oh I like that I wish I could be there.

Let's go.


This is huge for Jamaican coconut Advocates everywhere.

Oh my God, the young boy, the young, goat, uh uh.

Oh my ego challenge right.

He's there I got it smack it smack it again.

He's got it like a drum I demo that I own gold.

What no I'm I'm back! Okay, we are still how the faith you have it.

The comments still stands.

I got it I like that I'm on the right one, more one, more! Oh um! Thank you just let him know: okay, yep! That's all I got all right.

I'll play uh right side he's beating again.

Oh it's open.

You got that.

Oh, let's go stinker stinker, stinky, beautiful stinky, beautiful, passing, play super stinky Legend and that's it I think Super stinker, Legend, I'm gonna cry.

Oh, it doesn't happen.

Foreign polar left, the college, it's over, gonna move, but this decided.

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