Is PS5 Cross-Platform with Xbox? (2023)

PS5 is the latest gaming console from the Sony Play Station series, and Xbox is the gaming console from Microsoft. Both consoles are the major and dominating console devices in the world currently. The big and small gaming companies or studios and even individual game developers focus on these platforms and try to make their games in such a way that they take full advantage of the hardware and improve the user gaming experience. The games on Xbox and PS5 that users get to play are either native or cross-platform. If you and your friends like to play games together and have different consoles and devices, cross-platform games allow you to play the game together without any issues, and that’s what native games do not allow you to do. If you are here to know if is your PS5 cross-platform with Xbox and what are the available games in the market, this article will help you with that. It will help you understand if is PS5 cross-platform with Xbox and if can you add PlayStation players to Xbox. Also, you will learn if can PS5 cross platform with PS4 and if can PS4 add Xbox friends.

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Is PS5 Cross Platform with Xbox?

Native games are those games that are built specifically for one platform and will not work on another platform. For example, if a game is built specifically for PS5, that game won’t work on an Xbox or any other platform. The cross-platform makes the work easier for the developers, and they don’t have to build their games differently for every platform. They built the game once, and it will run on all the platforms. For example, a cross-platform game will work on Xbox, PS, and any other platform. You will get to know if can PS5 cross-platform with Xbox and how to add PlayStation players to Xbox further in this article. Keep reading to learn more about it in detail.

Does Cross-Platform Take Two?

Yes, cross-platform can take two or more players and platforms. The cross-platform game means you can play the same game with multiple different platform players. If a certain game is cross-platform and multiplayer, you and your friends can play the same game at once from different platforms. For example, a PC player, an Xbox player, and a PS player will all be playing the same game even though their platforms are different. Cross-platform games can be played with two or more players depending on the game that you are playing. Now, you know does cross-platform take two or not.

Is It Takes Two Cross-Platform Game?

No, It Takes Two game is not a cross-platform game. This game runs on Xbox, PlayStation, and PC. But it is built natively for all these platforms, and an Xbox player cannot play the same game as a PlayStation player. It is possible that PS4 and PS5 players can play It Takes Two game together, and also an Xbox series X and S players, but it is not possible when the platforms are different even if their hardware’s almost the same.

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Can You Crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation?

Yes, you can crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation. It is not dependent on the platform to crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation or between any other platforms. It is totally dependent on the game if it is cross-platform compatible or not. The games that allow you to crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation are known as cross-platform games, which, if compatible, not only allow you to crossplay between Xbox and PlayStation but can also allow you to play between PC and mobile, mobile and PS, or Xbox and PC and vice versa. Keep reading further to learn if PS5 cross-platform with Xbox.

What Games Let Xbox and PS4 Play Together?

There are many games that let Xbox and PS4 players play together some of the games are listed below:

There are many more games that let Xbox and PS4 players play together but these are some most popular ones.

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Can PS4 and Xbox People Play Together?

Yes, PS4 and Xbox people can play together. As the games are built differently for Xbox and PS4. But if the game is cross-platform compatible. An Xbox player and a PS4 player can play together in the same game or even can be on the same team or the enemies, depending on what type of game you are playing. Fortnite and PUBG are the most popular games currently on Xbox and PS4, and both are cross-platform games. If you haven’t tried them yet, you must play them along with your friends as a team online.

Can PS4 Add Xbox Friends?

Yes, PS4 can add Xbox friends but only through the game. There is no direct option on PS4 to add Xbox friends. Games like FIFA, PUBG, Fortnite, and Rocket League on PS4 allow the players to add their friends from Xbox to their friends list and play games with them when everyone is online. This cross-platform game compatibility allows players to add friends from different platforms and play together. Now you know if can PS4 add Xbox friends.

Is PS5 Cross-Platform with Xbox?

Yes, PS5 cross-platform with Xbox, but not in every game. As PS5 is the latest gaming device from Sony, and in the former weeks of its launch, there were not many games available. But after a few months, all the older games like Fortnite, PUBG, and many others were made compatible with PS5. And as these are all cross-platform games, they can also be played with Xbox players. Now for sure, you know if is PS5 cross-platform with Xbox or not.

Can You Add PS5 Friends on Xbox?

Yes, you can add PS5 friends on Xbox but only in the game. You and your friend both need to have their Xbox account linked to their PSN account if both of you want to add each other. On Xbox, there is no option or any other way to add directly a friend from PS5. Only using cross-play games, you can make it possible. Sony and Microsoft are two separate manufacturers. So, there is no possibility that you will get any option to add a PS5 friend on Xbox. The game is the only way to add PS5 friends on Xbox.

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Can Xbox and PS5 Players Play Together?

Yes, Xbox and PS5 players can play together, and the games that make it possible are known as cross-platform games. Cross-platform games allow players from different compatible devices to play with players from different compatible devices together in a single game without any issues or hiccups. Not all games are compatible with Xbox and PS5 and are cross-platform compatible. Games like Fortnite, PUBG, Rocket League, Call of Duty: Warzone, NBA 2K22, and FIFA are some of the popular cross-platform compatible games available on both PS5 and Xbox series X and S.

Can You Cross Play PS5 and Xbox S?

Yes, you can cross play PS5 and Xbox S series. PS5 and the Xbox S are both the latest consoles from their manufacturers, Sony and Microsoft, respectively. At first, the cross-platform games were not much, but as time passed, currently, there are hundreds of games available that run smoothly on both PS5 and Xbox S, which also support cross play. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Rocket League are cross play games that you can play on both PS5 and Xbox S series consoles.

Is PS5 Cross Platform with PS4?

Yes, PS5 cross platform with PS4. There are games available for both PS4 and PS5, but not all PS5 games are backward compatible with PS4 and vice versa. The most popular games like Fortnite, PUBG, FIFA, and some more games run on both PS4 and PS5, and the players owning one of these consoles can play with cross platforms whenever everyone is online. Now you know is PS5 cross platform with PS4.

How Do You Add Xbox Friends on PS5?

To add Xbox friends on PS5, follow these steps:

Note: For reference, we’ve taken FIFA23 in this article.

1. Launch the FIFA23 game on your PS5.

2. Press the R2 button on your PS5 controller.

3. Using the navigation keys on the controller, go to the Player Search option.

4. On the Search bar, type the EA ID or the Xbox ID of your friend and click on Search.

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5. Select the desired player and click the Add option beside it to send an invitation to your friend.

6. Once your invitation is accepted by your friend, you both become friends. When both are online, you can then play games from your own consoles.

This is how do you add Xbox friends on PS5.

How Do You Add PlayStation Players to Xbox?

Follow the steps mentioned above to add PlayStation players to Xbox.


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We hope that you learned about whether PS5 cross-platform with Xbox or not and how to add PlayStation players to Xbox. Feel free to reach out to us with your queries and suggestions via the comments section below. Also, let us know what you want to learn about next.

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