What Went Wrong With Dying Light 2? | A Review (2023)


Dying Light 2 fell short in a lot of areas. The combat wasn't as refined as in the first Dying Light and the movement feels floaty. Dying Light 2 feels as if it was developed in a year with a rushed development cycle. So why is a game that took so long to come out feel so terrible. Well we are here to answer that.

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Hi I'm chaos and we're going to talk about Dying Light too now I was extremely hyped for Dying Light too I've loved the first Dying Light, but it just fell short in some areas.

I want to see what actually went wrong with Dying Light too I mean I've completed the game twice.

It just doesn't feel the same as the first Dying Light I've beaten, the first Dying Light over 20 times.

How is this game not giving me that same enjoyment? I mean it? Should it's a sequel right, so we're going to take a little dive into what actually went wrong with Dying Light 2.? Hopefully we can actually figure out what happened and why it doesn't feel the same as the first Dying Light.

Do you like the first game or the second game, better um right now you know it's up in the air a little bit I haven't before you fully decided I guess we should start off talking about the story.

First, the story in the second one isn't really anything to write home about.

Neither is the first one but the second one.

It doesn't make any sense on what you're doing and why you're there at least the first one just said: you're an employee- and you have to be here- solve the issues.

That's going on this one you're there to find your sister I, don't understand why they would choose this direction for this game, I mean you're in the post-apocalypse.

Why do you think you're gonna find your sister there and it's just everything revolves around this one person.

All your decisions have to lead to this person, but they just end up feeling like empty decisions anyway, I beat in this game on both sides of the coin and I feel like I, had the same exact experience as if they just made it a linear path.

As you were one side, meanwhile, the first Dying Light doesn't even give you a choice of what you should do or how you should approach things.

It just tells you you have to do this.

You have to get here.

You have to stop him and save us at the end of this game.

It's just I, don't feel satisfied.

I, don't feel like I, actually got a good experience out of it and there's more multiple other things that also gave that impression, but the story definitely didn't help.

My overall experience with this game.


Don't think it was even that good.

Honestly, let's go on to one of the core things about Dying Light, it's the movement.

The movement is everything in this game.

Dying Light 2 does improve on the movement.

I can say that it, the movement, feels amazing, but at times it's just it doesn't feel right.

Sometimes, when you fall, you just hit the ground and you lose all your momentum, but other times you hit the ground.

Just stops you and you can't move.

How was the game? This momentum driven not have good movement to keep your momentum going.

It has all this amazing stuff in it.

Just like a four foot fall, you lose all your momentum, you hold the button to do the roll and the roll doesn't activate I, don't get how they mess that up.

I do have to say I, like the wing glider or with the paraglider, whatever it is, and the grappling hook.

That is amazing.

I, do like those additions.

You don't really need them, though.

There's no sense of urgency to use that equipment.

They got rid of Pursuits I mean they didn't get rid of it, but it's just it's not common anymore.

You don't get chased by enemies during the day of time.

If you make a loud noise, it feels like a shell of Dying Light.

Why add all this equipment to escape Pursuits and all that and you don't even need to use them now that I'm talking about Pursuits, let's go to the combat now I have a very big issue with the combat In Dying Light too, and I'm just going to show you something real, quick, I'm going to show you a comparison between the two, the first one's going to be Dying Light two second one's gonna be dying light.

Just tell me what you think now that you've seen that okay, why did they feel the need to add a health bar I mean I, get Dead Island.

Did it way back when, but that game was tailored for that? How did you go from making a game with no health bar just to make a game with a health bar and like RPG element? How did it come down to that? What was the decision making process behind that, and they got rid of the guns in the game now I'm going to show you something I'm going to show you why they got rid of them.

I mean the guns have always been like a rewarding thing.

If you use them to take down a big enemy, you can use them for that, I see why they get rid of them.

I'll just show you the difference between using a gun and Dying Light 2 and using a gun in the first Dying Light foreign, no consequences, In Dying, Light too.

The reason they got rid of it is because they just didn't want the daytime Pursuits I I, don't feel threatened during the day.

I, don't feel threatened during the night there's, nothing that makes me feel threatened at night.

It doesn't give me the scariness that the first Dying Light gave me the sense of you're not safe or ever safe, I mean when I was getting the Dying Light footage.

I was getting chased by a volatile and I I was a little scared.

I was a little scared and dying like two just doesn't give me that same feeling, I, don't get scared being chased by anything.

It doesn't feel the same as the first Dying Light, it's just so confusing and polarizing this game I, don't know why they made it this way, and it doesn't make any sense why they did this I played through Co-op recently and I got stuck at a windmill.

How did I get stuck in a windmill? There's still untextured areas in the game.

I got stuck in a pillar and I couldn't escape.

Why did they do this to the game? I loved, the Dying Light I was so excited for this and they just they spit on it.

They spit on the game, and they don't want anybody to have enjoyment out of it anymore.

I, don't like dying light too I, don't like dying to eat too.

If you made it this far and you don't feel like watching the rest, I don't like dying light too.

Okay, it's simple! As that, don't get it just don't and don't even get me started on the fact that combat is useless in this game.

You don't need to fight any zombies at all.

Why did they make a game where you don't use the main part of the game? Why did they not want anybody to do the combat and then they make everything so expensive late game? You can't buy any armor unless it's like 20 grand you barely make any money off of selling stuff, it's just not fun at all, and they thought they did a good job too they're releasing DLC.


Here's how naive I was I bought the most expensive version.

It just sucked.

I couldn't refund it, because the the prologue was two hours long.

This game makes me angry, seeing it fall so far from Grace Dead Island 2 is going to be around the corner soon and that's gonna be a banger hopefully, but this game is just it's: not it and I, don't even want to say, go play it because it's not worth it.

It's not even worth it to play to see if I'm, right or wrong.

Please don't get this game, please, please don't get it if you liked the video leave a like, if you like what else I put out subscribe.

If you didn't like me, slandering Dying, Light too, you can dislike it.

It's fine, I'll, see it and I'll know you did it thanks for watching.

If you want to see some proper gameplay of Dying Light check this video out.


What Went Wrong With Dying Light 2? | A Review? ›

But Dying Light 2's early segments are boring and repetitive. The tutorials are overlong, and the first zone is claustrophobic. And its plot setup and dialogue feel like they've been stitched together at the last minute—with a pinch of weird English translations tossed in.

Why was Dying Light 2 bad? ›

Perhaps the biggest feature of Dying Light 2 is its parkour abilities. While the game centers around a unique way to traverse around the city and its surrounding areas, I often found that the controls were clunky, occasionally non-responsive, and difficult to master.

Did Dying Light 2 get better? ›

Consistent updates have only made Dying Light 2 better, and now Dead Island 2 finds itself in a trickier situation as many players will likely return to Techland's game to experience its new limited-time event.

Why is Dying Light 2 not as good as the first? ›

But if you're here for the story, play Dying Light 1 first. It has much better characters, the plots are connected, and each stage gives a sense of satisfaction. In the sequel, the story is non-linear, and you decide how your adventure unfolds, so it's a less story-driven recommendation.

Is Dying Light 2 worth it? ›

Dying Light 2 isn't bad, but was a very forgettable experience for me. Some quests were glitched and couldn't be finished and I don't remember the story anymore. And all the Skyscraper stuff was annoying, felt rather like playing a Spiderman game. Character and Storywise, Dying Light 1 is certainly better.

What is the gut feeling in Dying Light 2? ›

Dying Light 2 recently released its Gut Feeling update, which allows players to dive back into the game and experience its updated gore and brutality effects, improved combat, a new live event, and more.

Will there be a Dying Light 3? ›

Dying Light 3 will be released on the new generation Xbox consoles like Xbox Series X/S. Xbox One gamers might be disappointed as we believe that the new Dying Light won't be launched for Xbox One.

What's better Dying Light 2 or Dead Island 2? ›

While both games offer a unique take on the zombie genre, Dying Light 2's focus on movement and dynamic narrative makes it stand out. Dead Island 2 offers a more streamlined experience that is still enjoyable but lacks the depth and complexity of its counterpart.

How many people are playing Dying Light 2? ›

Dying Light 2
MonthAvg. PlayersGain
Last 30 Days4,010.8+243.7
June 20233,767.1-1,451.3
May 20235,218.4-567.2
April 20235,785.7+1,258.5
14 more rows

Is Dying Light 2 a AAA game? ›

Dying Light 2 Developer Techland Announces AAA Fantasy Epic Open-World Game - News. Dying Light 2 Stay Human developer Techland via Twitter has announced it is working on its next, which is a AAA narrative-driven fantasy epic open-world game.

Does Dying Light 2 have guns? ›

Techland has tried to address this problem in the last few months by adding a slew of new one-handed melee animations to the game, making combat feel a little more fresh for long-time players, but that isn't quite enough to draw crowds back in. Currently, Dying Light 2 has just one firearm in the game.

Is Aiden Mia's brother in Dying Light 2? ›

Upon finding Waltz inside the facility, Aiden will finally learn the truth: Mia is alive, but she's not his sister; she's actually Waltz's daughter. All those years ago, Waltz tried to find a cure for whatever disease Mia had.

Why are there less volatiles in Dying Light 2? ›

Volatiles still exist in Dying Light 2, but their role has been greatly diminished. They no longer patrol the streets, and as long as you don't go into any Dark Hallows during the day, you may never actually see them outside of story sequences. A new type of infected called Screamers now populate the streets at night.

How long does Dying Light 2 take to beat? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Dying Light 2: Stay Human is about 24 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 96½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Dying Light 2 less scary than 1? ›

Is Dying Light 2 less scary than 1? Techland's decision to limit the use of the ultra-powerful Volatile zombies has also made Dying Light 2 less scary than its predecessor.

Is Dying Light 2 actually scary? ›

There are a few intense moments throughout the campaign but there is nothing in the way of jump scares. When I first started the most tense moments was looting at night when I was underpowered. Dying light 2 is creepy at times because of the sound design and atmosphere but its rarely scary.

Does Dying Light 2 have a bad ending? ›

The Worst Ending

The very worst ending in "Dying Light 2" happens when the player kills Hakon, gives the VNC Tower to the Peacekeepers, and saves Lawan during "X-13." If Hakon is left alive, he tries to save either Mia or Lawan, depending on who Aiden chooses.

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